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LTE and Fixed Wireless

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You've worked hard to build up the backbone of the network to have the stability and speed that you need, but now you need a solution that lets you service your customers and get that last mile from your backbone to their homes and to their businesses, and you need to do it in a way that makes sense for their needs and for your bottom line.

You'l find that with the way the wireless industry has expanded in the past few years, there are more vendors out there than anyone can keep up with and stay in touch with for the latest updates.  What we focus on is getting you the best solution for your needs, and we specialize in the equipment that we know works and works well.

We also keep up on the technologies that help overcome the hurdles that many wireless ISPs face.  Even though the technologies are similar, what works for smaller wi-fi networks is often times very different from what needs to happen for long range wireless links.  We understand those differences and we know how to tune the equipment you already use to help it perform better in those longer range environments.  We can also help you upgrade to products that might fit better when you're finding that what you have is reaching the limits of what it can do.

Our specialties range from all types of 802.11 equipment to LTE and GPS syncing.  We know what to use to best deal with the interference you can get from wide open line of sight connections and what to use to give you the power to get through non-line-of-sight connections.  We can show you the benefits to the changes you might already be thinking of making, and we can show you any downsides you might run into too.