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RF Radio Modeling



Wireless Connections is at the cutting edge of radio modeling. We use the latest data available to balance results and resources.

Various “State of the Art” modeling and GIS software are used to compile available data to create the best predicted modeling results possible for Radio network planning and analysis.

Radio Modeling is not an exact science. Constantly changing variables affect the end results. The better data used, the more precise the results.



Examples of data are ground terrain or elevation. Natural clutter will include trees, lakes, rivers, rangeland, wetlands and agricultural farmland. Man-made clutter could consist of buildings, roads and man-made structures.


30meterclutter240 30meterterainwith240


Data can be compiled in multiple resolutions. Examples are 90 meter to less than 1 meter per pixel. 30 meter resolution will sample data every 30 meters. The higher the resolution, the more samples are taken which increases the accuracy and complexity of the study.


point to point link240 propstudy240